Is it legal for my employer to watch the CCTV camera in my office, on her laptop at home?

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19 Responses for “Is it legal for my employer to watch the CCTV camera in my office, on her laptop at home?”

  1. bean says:

    if you are working and she is working from home then yes because she is at work

    if she is using it just to watch you while she isn’t working then i think that’s strange and should be addressed

  2. ravenhon says:

    Yeah it sure is!!

  3. Nicola G says:

    Nope i dont think so.
    unless you are doing something you shouldnt be.

  4. Golden says:

    yep. done all the time.

  5. pirate_princess says:

    Yes, if she is working from home only the address is different, not the rules.

    Why are you so worried, up to something you shouldn’t be? LOL

  6. jet-set says:

    Probably – she IS your employer.

  7. Laura M says:

    This will come uder data protection…I’m really not sure…but if you rang your local police station they would be able to tell you.

  8. Ligeia says:

    Probably not if it’s without your knowledge

  9. tuesdaysux says:

    Yes it is. If it is a public place. My husband checks on his employees on occasion.Sorry

  10. omex says:

    if you can see the camera and she’s not trying to hide the fact that she is watching you then i think it’s ok,she’s just checking up on you while she takes the day off , oh to be a boss eh

  11. fangtaiyang says:

    Yes, it is legal, as long as there are no cameras in areas that are considered private, such as rest rooms, locker rooms, or showers.

  12. don c says:

    more trickle down from the republicans "its ok to spy on citizens" mantra

  13. thequietone2005 says:

    post a link so we can watch it too

  14. wife2denizmoi says:

    Sure. She’s the boss. She can work from home and watch if she wants. No big deal.

  15. david b says:

    only for security and health and safety. we had this problem at my work. Spying on staff is harassment. you should make your employer aware of this.

  16. Kevy says:

    Her business, she can utilize the tools as she sees fit. Although it seems like it would be a pain in the ass. I had a old store manager when I worked Loss Prevention and he would decide to use the cameras to spy on the workers to make sure they were working. It pissed me off so bad, because he would always come in when it was busy, when shoplifting is the worst.

  17. Northern Lad says:

    Nearly all the CCTV cameras in the UK are operating illegally, according to a CCTV expert.
    Companies that have CCTV systems on their premises must let the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) know they are gathering details about the people they are recording and what the information is for.
    Companies must also put up signs warning people they are being recorded and securely store the recorded data in accordance with the ICO`s code of practice.
    More than 95 per cent of the four million CCTV cameras in the UK are privately owned and fail to abide to these rules.
    These claims have been backed up by the independent advisory body Camerawatch which, in June also found that nine in 10 of the UK`s CCTV systems were not compliant with the DPA.
    Cameras were also – wrongly – used for purposes other than those for which they were registered, for example monitoring behaviour. According to Hanna Basha, a partner at law firm Carter Ruck, this could also be an infringement of the Human Right`s Act.

  18. jackie m says:

    Companies legally get CCTV cameras installed to keep an eye on their business and staff, my partner sells them for a living and they get them installed through broadband.

  19. ALEX N says:

    it may be covered by article8 of theeuropean convention on human rights

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