What is the best home security system?

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I just bought a house in a "bad" neighborhood and would like to know ways to prevent "bad" things from happening. Any home security system worth getting to prevent such issue? What if the thief succeeded in obtaining what they strive to obtain, am i insurred under the security system company? any opinion and suggestion?

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  1. Rory says:

    Smith & Wesson are good.
    Colt also does well.
    Remington is also up there.
    There are others.

    You could set up a security system yourself if you want to. There are a few things to consider including:

    Locks and bolts: The first line of defence is to make sure that all windows and doors are adequately protected with good-quality locks and bolts. Surface-mounted locks and bolts are easy to install, but fittings that are mortised into the frame are much stronger and more secure. The second line of defence is to make your home less vulnerable and less attractive to opportunist burglars.

    Doors: Locks will be ineffective if a door is flimsy or ill-fitting, and a well-fitting, solid wood or blockboard door, at least 44mm thick, offers the best resistance.

    Windows: If casement windows are not fitted with trickle vents or locking handles, replacing the stays with locking stays will provide more security when leaving the windows open for ventilation. Common types of window locks.

    Security systems: A burglar alarm may also deter a thief from choosing your home. Installing a do-it-yourself system is time-consuming rather than difficult, but you should be able to install a wireless alarm in about four hours and a wired system in one or two days.

    Practical tips:
    - Outbuildings and garages should always be locked securely. Not only are they a source of easy takings for a thief, but the ladders and tools inside are perfect implements for breaking into your home.
    - Large hedges can screen doors and windows and provide burglars with enough privacy to break in undetected by neighbours, so keep them well trimmed.
    - Make vulnerable corners of the garden more secure by planting dense, thorny evergreens. A liberal layer of gravel under windows makes a quiet approach to the house impossible.

    Read more for other good suggestions http://www.mispress.com/guide-to-home-security.htm

  2. ? says:

    I would recommend ADT Security because they have very fast armed response.

  3. cathy92 says:

    i would also recommend you to install ADT alarm system, actually it works very well…..

  4. Tea says:

    Marley, here’s some handyman resource info on alarm/security systems and the sort–and you might want to consider installing your own:


    Also, in addition to an alarm system, make sure you take these simple, yet VERY effective, security measures that people often neglect to take at their own peril:


    Hope this helps.

    The Internet. Just whatever is available online and what I have on my mind, including the inclusion of relevant sites, like the one cited above (two links above) that came about from my efforts, which is intended to be useful. Helping people get the relevant info they want is great.

  5. W4bark says:

    Depends on what your protecting..
    When I think of the worst home break-ins that destroyed a family–
    I think there are many possible solutions..(before-hand)..
    I think you should find a company that offers some advice—
    I use a discreet system–so I know if there was a intruder..
    I really don’t have valuables–that need SAFE-Protection..
    I just need to know there have been no intrusions–/
    For that–I use a double system..
    Getting a company to monitor your access points–??
    Including Fire..Alertness..
    When your asleep–
    What’s the cost of that..?
    I do have access alarms for when I’m asleep..
    ..but the access is also blocked by a im-movable object..
    There would be a very loud noise–upon entry..
    There’s the children..and the valuables..and fire.

  6. t-rexs says:


    my solution to home invasion

    cheap and easy to install

    available anywhere most come with guarantees

    so efficient i installed five of them

    one on each corner of the property and one in the house

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